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Tips For Harvesting Rye: How And When To Harvest Rye

By Teo Spengler

While it’s true that picking rye crops is very different from gathering garden tomatoes, that doesn’t mean that harvesting rye is complex. Click here for information about managing a rye plant harvest, including tips on how and when to harvest rye.

Cereal Rye Information: Learn How To Grow Rye Grain At Home

By Teo Spengler

If you like organic whole grains on your table, you might enjoy growing rye for food. Organic cereal grain rye is expensive to buy and fairly easy to grow in a backyard garden. Are you wondering how to grow rye grain? This article will help get you started.

Spring: The Best Time to Dethatch a Lawn

It's spring, which it means it's time to once again focus on that lawn of yours. One of the first things you can do for a lawn in the spring is thatch control.

Thinning out the thatch in the lawn clears out old, dead grass and other organic matter that has built up but not broken down over the fall and winter months. Dethatching opens up the lawn surface, allowing for improved nutrient and water intake. It also cuts through stolons and rhizomes, or lateral stems, which encourages new growth.

Dethatching Equipment

If you determine that your lawn needs dethatching, you can hire out the job to a lawn care company or do it yourself with your own equipment or a rental.

Dethatchers are available in many forms and may be gas-powered, electric or manual. A powered unit, which can be tractor-mounted or a walk-behind, gets its power from an engine, a PTO, or hydraulically. It either uses a series of vertical discs to cut the rhizomes and stolons and bring the thatch to the surface or a series of spring-loaded fingers to achieve similar results. Powered dethatching is sometimes referred to as vertical mowing, verti-cutting, or power raking.

A non-powered dethatcher is more reasonably priced and is usually dragged behind a lawn tractor or operated manually. A pull-behind unit tears rhizomes and stolons and pulls up thatch with a series of wire fingers that scratch the surface to various depths, depending on the weight applied to it. Dethatching manually is hard work and less effective but is nothing more than vigorously raking the lawn with a hard-tooth rake.

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