Friendship flowers

Friendship and flowers

Life without friends is like a garden without flowers, desolate and colorless. Man, as a communicative being, usually tends to establish a friendship driven by the unconscious need to satisfy his instinct to socialize. Friends play a precious role in our life and can become such in childhood, during school, or they can be found among work colleagues, neighbors, on vacation, but also in the most unexpected ways. Each day is suitable for reminding them that they mean a lot to us, how much we truly appreciate them and the special bond that binds us. One of the most eloquent expressions to demonstrate these feelings is that provided by the language of flowers. Friendship and flowers add an element of beauty to our daily life. Flowers have their own special language to give voice to deep emotions and feelings of gratitude towards a dear friend that cannot be explained in words. A flower arrangement can convey our message of unconditional affection to them like a tender hug, enclosing all those unforgettable moments of fun and laughter, of shared secrets, of time spent together in the most difficult times. Like fresh flowers, the special bond of friendships also needs care. A bouquet of fresh flowers is always delivered with a smile, it is received in the same way and it is already a friendly signal in itself.

The colors of the flowers of friendship

With their multitude of colors, the different flowers testify to what we feel and become a metaphor for the facets of friendship: the blue tone represents loyalty, green indicates vitality, yellow joy, red tends towards romanticism. Traditional friendship flowers are the pink geranium, or the roses and tulips, which can be found in all seasons, the bright ones that radiate joy such as daisies or sunflowers. A refined friend can be given a composition of tropical flowers and exotic herbs, a friend with a hobby of gardening will be pleased to send a retro watering can containing wildflowers collected from a raffia ribbon, if it is romantic, it can be chosen for her a country style basket full of classic flowers (daisies, roses, etc.). Instead, you can personalize your floral gift even more by identifying the variety that is the most eloquent expression to indicate the type of friendship according to the symbolism of the language of flowers.

The roses of friendship

While pink or orange roses delightfully express our feelings for a friend at any time of the year, and a yellow tea rose with red-rimmed petals indicates friendship and love, the yellow rose has become the symbolic flower of the popular tradition of 'International Friendship Day' which is celebrated with enthusiasm, nationally (but unofficially) in numerous states and cultures around the world (United States, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, etc.), in different ways and established dates.

The flower chosen was the yellow rose because it is the color that lights up the heart, declaring how much joy and happiness friendship brings and remembers how much you love your friends but also sends a message of hope for a new beginning. Over the years, in different countries, young people of both sexes have begun to exchange bouquets of fresh yellow roses with all their friends, while in India, for example, compositions of white orchids and purple or pink roses together with chocolate sweets. Flowers are among the gifts, along with greeting cards and bracelets, on the occasion of the 'Day of the Friend' (Día del Amigo), which is held every year on July 20 in a hundred countries (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay , etc.).


A message of friendship is sent by the flowers of Acacia, Wisteria, the Amaranth plant, the Agave and the White Cedar, while the Gerbera is one of the most radiant to express it, especially if it refers to a member of the female sex. . A bouquet of pink Carnations eloquently portrays the importance of this feeling, along with the sense of appreciation and admiration. With Forget-me-not you remind your friend that you enclose it in your heart. The delightful flower of Alstroemeria (or Peruvian Lily or of the Incas) has the characteristic of illuminating with its bright colors and of being long lasting, so it warms the heart of the friend who receives it, testifies to him a deep friendship, the trust in this lasting bond and offer him support. The omnipresent friend in times of need is represented by the Snowdrop, the first flower of the year to appear, and then remain open for a long time. The evergreen climbing plant of the Ivy, fascinating and idyllic on the walls where it grows with tenacity, sinking its resistant roots in a deep way, represents fidelity in friendship, affection and love.

Other flowers are a symbol of friendship

The Orchid of rare beauty is the symbol of sincere friendships in the culture of the indigenous Hawaiians while, in the West, the fan-shaped and slightly perfumed inflorescence of Iris personifies the very significant one. The blue flower of Periwinkle (or Vinca), which stands out brightly among the shiny dark green foliage, indicates an early friendship, that of the white variety remembers it with pleasure. The Zinnia with almost round flowers, discovered in Mexico by the first European explorers, cultivated in different colored varieties since the twentieth century, is the symbol of constancy, lasting affection and thought for the distant friend. The flower of the Chrysanthemum plant - whose name derives from the Greek and means' golden flower '- large in size, with long overlapping petals, universally admired, is the traditional symbol of wonderful friendship in Japan, in honor of the' Throne of the emperor's chrysanthemum on which it was decorated This flower also expresses a message of cheerful optimism, joy, abundance, wealth, hope, so much so that the Japanese place a petal on the bottom of a glass of wine in wish for a long and healthy life. In particular, yellow chrysanthemums, which illuminate with a warm comforting light, are connected to the ideals of a long affective and faithful relationship.


In every era, starting from antiquity, friendship has played a unique anthropological role, without equal, and has been considered one of the most fundamental human experiences. Numerous proverbs, myths and religious scriptures show that it has been regarded as priceless since the beginning of the civilized world. The Cornflower (or Centaurea) - traditional symbol of friendship, tenderness, reliability, fidelity - was also synonymous with renewal, since it grew back every year in time to the crops and stood out among the fields with its bright blue inflorescences. Of ancient origin is also the proverb 'Who finds a friend finds a treasure', but there are countless others, for example the one that recalls 'The friend is known when needed'. In Greek mythology we find pairs of friends such as Achilles and Patroclus, Theseus and Piritous. In one of the major epic poems of Hindu mythology and sacred texts, the Mahabharata, the Deity Krishna explains that friendship is made up of a mixture of affection, love, brotherhood, protection, orientation, intimacy, as well as much more. The archer Bhishma explains to Yudhisthira what are the characteristics and reliability of true friends: they are happy to see you as such and they share your sadness, they are never envious of the successes you bring and are worried about the adversities that could hit you. The Holy Bible of the Jewish and Christian religion leads us to reflect on how the bonds of friendship constitute the foundation of human faith, trust and companionship. In the Old Testament, the stories of friends and their harmony are relevant, such as those of David with Jonathan and Barzillai, as well as between Ruth and Naome. The New Testament exemplifies, through the relationship between Jesus - pure example of a true friend, having given his life for all his 'friends' - and his disciples, how friendships can always be born and grow. The Gospel according to John reports, among other things, 'Loyal are the wounds of a friend, the kisses of an enemy are deceptive'.

Friendship Flowers: Symbols of Friendship

Whatever the chosen flower, the important thing is that the gift is made with the heart. For this reason, compositions that are very different from the classic ones and referable to the language of flowers can also be chosen. For example, you can opt for your friend's favorite flowers or those that remind you of some pleasant memories of experiences together. In addition to flowers, there are numerous other symbols to represent friendship that can be given and represented in many ways. Some are typical of the Italian tradition, while others still come from more or less distant foreign cultures. In the Irish one, for example, a symbol that represents friendship, love and loyalty is the Claddagh Ring, or the Claddagh ring. It is precisely a ring that engaged couples exchange and which is composed of two hands that support a crowned heart. Each element has a precise meaning. The crown is a symbol of loyalty, the heart that of love while the hands signify friendship. These three elements are of fundamental importance for the success of a happy marriage.

The Garden of Friendship (Fiorin Fiorello)

Class: II A, Number of students: 19, City: San Casciano in Val di Pesa (Fi)

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being together is so very beautiful.

friendship is a great thing.

friendship will last forever.

who has many friends will never be alone.

the friend always good advises you

a friend will never be fake.

friends help each other.

friends are always close to you.

if we win we will all go on a trip.

The flowers are cheerful and full of color

and we like to be with them outside.

The Flowers of Friendship

Class: III section. single, Number of students: 18, City: NAPLES (NA)

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that takes you by the hand

and in your flower garden

just like your friends

that make your days happier.

Do you see flowers in nature?

They grow up because someone cares for them.

with flowers on our head

which we have gripped with joy.

Equal Primary School "San Giovanni Battista"

Via Arenella 45 - 80128 Naples (NA)

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A flower of friendship - a sign of affection

Friendship is also very important in the language of flowers. The gift of a flower friend or a plant was often used to evoke the great value of friendship. A good example is the Glückstaler, a decorative green plant with round leaves, a symbol of good wishes for a dear friend.

Tea rose is also a classic flower language friend. This flower of friendship symbolizes the constancy of friendly affection. Gerbera says to her boyfriend: "Everything is even more beautiful with you". Your best friends will please you very kind with the delivery of a mallow flower. & nbbsp & nbbsp

Arranging a floral gift according to the meaning of the language of flowers is still a magical idea today, which will delight any refined spirit. But don't forget to emphasize the importance of the respective friendship flowers, because very few people even today know the various meanings of the different flowers


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