How to dry oyster mushrooms correctly and at the lowest cost

Oyster mushrooms are mushrooms that contain little moisture. Therefore, the drying process does not involve any particular difficulties. You can even use the tools at hand. If they are dried for the winter, the result is mushrooms that can be stored for a long period. They have a refined taste and pleasant aroma, which will allow you to prepare many delicious dishes.

Process specifics

There are several unwritten rules that will allow you to dry oyster mushrooms well for the winter. Namely:

  • it is strictly forbidden to wash mushrooms before drying. They are cleaned of dirt and leaves. If necessary, the upper skin is removed;
  • only fresh, undamaged and neat specimens are selected for drying;
  • at the beginning of drying, the minimum temperature is set. Then it should be increased;
  • since oyster mushrooms are large in themselves, they need to be cut;
  • only pieces of the same size are laid out on one pallet. So that they dry out at the same time;
  • during the drying process, it is recommended to maintain good circulation of air masses, otherwise the product will spoil.

Methods for drying oyster mushrooms for the winter

There are many options for preparing mushrooms for the winter. This may require both improvised means and specialized devices. Let's take a look at the most common drying methods.

In the oven

You can also dry in the oven. To do this, the prepared pieces are laid out on a baking sheet previously covered with parchment paper. You need to set the temperature to 45 degrees. If you set more, then the product may burn out, below it - it will get worn out and spoil. It is recommended to keep the oven door slightly ajar to circulate air masses and release humid air. You can clamp a skewer between the oven body and the door. When the pieces are no longer sticky, the temperature is raised to 60 degrees and so on until tender. It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take for the entire drying process. It all depends on the size of the individual pieces. Several hours for sure.

In the microwave

You can even dry it in the microwave. For this, the prepared mushrooms are laid out on a plate. Moreover, it is better that the pieces are the same. The power is set to a minimum of 100-150 W. The drying process takes place in several stages. Dry for 20 minutes, then the door is opened to let out moist air for 10 minutes. The cycle is repeated again. And so several times, until they are completely dry. As a rule, 3-4 such cycles are needed, which is quite long.

In the dryer

Using an electric dryer will significantly speed up the harvesting process for the winter. To do this, the peeled and cut mushrooms are laid out on the mesh of the VOLTERA 1000 Lux dryer. The temperature is set at 50 degrees for 2 hours. After that, you need to raise it to 75 degrees and so on until the mushrooms are fully prepared. The entire drying process can take 7-12 hours. It all depends on the size of the copies.

How to dry mushrooms on a string

This method of harvesting mushrooms for the winter is the easiest. All you need is cotton thread and appropriate weather conditions. A hot, dry and sunny period will do. Beforehand, it is recommended to clean the oyster mushrooms from dirt and cut them into equal parts. The mushrooms are laid out on parchment paper and brought out in the sun. After three hours, when the pieces have dried up a little, they can be strung on a thread. After that, the mushrooms are brought into a warm and dry place for a day until they dry completely.

In the Russian oven

Oyster mushrooms were harvested for the winter even in the old days. For this, Russian stoves were used. Today, little has changed and you can safely use the same method. To do this, several bricks are laid on the bottom of the furnace. They will provide the necessary distance so that the oyster mushrooms do not simply burn out. Prepared mushrooms are laid on the wire rack. In the process of using this method, one should not forget about the stove damper. It is recommended to open it slightly to provide the necessary air circulation. The oyster mushrooms will be ready within 7-12 hours.

In the airfryer

You can also dry oyster mushrooms in the airfryer. For this, the prepared mushrooms are laid out on the grill grid. The maximum speed and temperature are set at 60-70 degrees. The process will take about two hours. It all depends on the size of the mushrooms and their freshness.

Above the stove

The process of drying oyster mushrooms over the stove is simple, but not always convenient. All due to the fact that it takes about two days. And for this period, cooking on the stove is not worth it. Otherwise, the mushrooms will absorb all the odors that have appeared and will no longer be as fragrant as before. Prepared mushrooms are strung on a thread and hung over the included burners of the gas stove. The process takes several days until the oyster mushrooms are completely dry.

Oyster mushrooms are delicious and flavorful mushrooms that can be added to a variety of dishes. Some dried pieces are processed into powder for use as a seasoning. The process of drying this type of mushroom itself is quite simple, since they are not endowed with excessive moisture. A few dexterous movements and a delicious treat for the winter are ready.

How to dry other products in the cold months of the year, see articles about zucchini, asparagus, carrots.

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Equipment and technologies for drying meat and sausages

The simplest and most affordable way to get meat snacks is street drying, under the influence of the sun and wind. However, this process is quite long and depends on the weather. In addition, it is almost impossible to achieve stability in the results.

You can also use a convection chamber, in which the temperature can rise up to 60 degrees, taking into account the fat content of the meat and its thickness. In this case, a gradual increase in temperature occurs, accompanied by the removal of moisture from the products, after which the heated humid air is removed from the chamber and replaced with dry air from the outside. This option allows you to get a product of stable quality all year round, but it requires not very small energy resources to heat the newly supplied air.

How to pickle different types of mushrooms for the winter

In most families, pickled chanterelles or milk mushrooms are a rather rare delicacy. In stores, they are not so cheap, and the taste is not always the same as we would like.

But the situation can be easily changed! In the period when summer is already coming to an end, it becomes possible to stock up on mushrooms for future use completely free of charge.

We have collected in one place the most delicious recipes for pickled mushrooms of various types. Ryzhiks, honey mushrooms, white, aspen mushrooms or boletus mushrooms - any of these species, based on our recipes, you can turn into an excellent blank, which will become the nail of the festive table.

But even if you do not have the opportunity to spend several hours in the forest, or you simply do not belong to the number of fans of quiet hunting, and try homemade mushrooms, oh, how you want, do not despair. Just go to the store and buy mushrooms there. Pickled homemade champignons will be a great addition to a regular dinner, as well as to a festive table!

And for kebab lovers, we have prepared an unusual mushroom version of this dish! You can also find all the secrets of marinating champignons for barbecue among our recipes.

Always cook tasty and healthy with our recipes!

Room for oyster mushrooms

If it is not possible to choose a brick or concrete structure, then the wooden walls can be sewn up with insulating panels, smooth slate, and the wooden floors can be tiled or poured with concrete. In the most extreme case, the floors are covered with sand. However, sand in this case will be the worst option.

Important! In the premises for growing oyster mushrooms, it must be possible to maintain a certain humidity and temperature. Also, the room needs a system for air ventilation. An important characteristic of a room for oyster mushroom production is its height.

You should not choose buildings where the ceiling height is less than 2 m, it is best if their height is 3-3.5 m. A mandatory requirement for a room for growing mushrooms is that people should not live in it. It is advisable not to grow oyster mushrooms at all where the living area is connected to the part for the production of mushroom products.

Video: Oyster mushroom germination chamber

The correct harvest is as follows:

  • it is necessary do not cut the mushrooms, but twist together with the legs - this prevents the mycelium from rotting
  • if you removed the entire crop from the bag at a time, sort out the substrate and refill the bag for subsequent germination
  • when you have already taken 4 crops, do not use the contents of the bag anymore and dispose of it, or use it in the garden as fertilizer.

During the month of fruiting, you can remove the mushrooms 7-9 times. It is necessary to wait 14 days after complete harvesting and re-planting of blocks with the substrate.

You can store oyster mushrooms for your own use by culinary methods: drying, salting and pickling.

Glass jars or paper bags are suitable for saving dried mushrooms. For storage in refrigerators, mushrooms are placed in boxes or large plastic containers. They must be airtight.

In refrigerators, you need to maintain humidity - this is how oyster mushrooms are stored for up to 3 weeks... In the freezer, the storage time reaches 5 months. Mushrooms boiled in salted water are saved up to 7 months, but the secret is to cut them into smaller pieces before boiling (ice crystals destroy the structure of products).

Oyster mushrooms bear fruit, on average, one month.

It is not difficult to grow oyster mushrooms at home with your own hands, provided you follow the rules that these mushrooms need for normal growth. Rows of substrate bags suspended from the ceiling or stumps and logs decorating your yard or garden, block greenhouse are popular methods that you can choose according to your taste.

Modern oyster mushroom cultivation brings an excellent harvest at minimal cost, which contributes to the opening of a private business for a mushroom grower who is no longer a beginner. But everyone starts from scratch, even real pros.

Watch the video: How To Grow Oyster Mushrooms From Used Coffee Grounds Cheap And Easy - Part 1

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