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The ride-on mower is an indispensable tool especially for those with a rather large garden. It is a tool that cannot be done without, also because today technology has made it possible to create new and more complete and comfortable lawn tractors.


The main feature of the ride on mower is that no effort is needed to mow the grass. Of course, in this case we focus on the general characteristics of the ride-on mowers, but each model has different peculiarities. Modern technology has made it possible to create models that are able to have a certain stability on sloping lawns and to cut the grass even if it is wet. These are garden tractors designed to guarantee the user an excellent system that can work in any condition. The ride-on mower consists of four wheels, a steering wheel, gears, a grass bag. In shape it looks a lot like a traditional tractor, but the dimensions are considerably reduced. It should be noted that this is a machine that must only be used by an adult. The models on the market are all quite reliable and are able to combine excellent performance with an attractive design. Indeed, they appear to be quite interesting also from an aesthetic point of view and this certainly strikes the eye of the attentive buyer. The seat is designed to offer an ergonomic seat designed especially for those who have to use the ride-on mower for a long time, in order to care for a rather large garden. Information relating to its operation can be read through a panel located above the steering wheel. Some of these models convey the grass directly into the collection bag to prevent blockages from occurring. The collection bag is placed on the rear of the tractor. This bag contains the grass until it is full and must be emptied. Security systems also need to be carefully evaluated. If the machine suddenly stops, it can be equipped with a system that will cause it to shut down. The ride-on mower has the engine in the front, not to be confused with the other models of lawnmowers that cannot be defined as small tractors as the engine is placed in the front. The ride-on mower guarantees good balance, made of steel, is resistant and ensures excellent durability. Lawn tractors equipped with the mulching system are quite useful for very large lawns, because the blade is not only able to shred the grass, but also to make it so fine that it settles on the ground and can be used as fertilizer. An excellent solution to be able, with a single action, to cut the grass and fertilize the lawn itself. In order for it to carry out a perfect fertilization, it is necessary that the operation be repeated at least once a week and the lawn is still watered. Instead, the grass collection only system emits an audible signal to indicate that the bag is full and needs to be emptied.

Where to buy

The ride-on mower can be purchased at any gardening or DIY store. It is essential not to confuse the ride-on mower with a normal lawnmower, always checking where the engine is positioned. At well-stocked gardening shops it is certainly possible to choose between different models, especially in terms of size. When purchased, it is sold complete with the information necessary for maintenance or for the possible assembly of parts. The seat and steering wheel usually need to be adjusted. When the purchase is made through the Internet, the customer has the possibility to check the specific characteristics of each model by viewing a descriptive card which serves to indicate all the distinctive elements of the ride-on mower. This is then sent directly to your home and the customer will only have to deal with the assembly of some pieces.


The cost of a lawn tractor depends above all on the model chosen. The more complete models certainly have a sustained cost, justified by the presence of a series of options. By going directly to the point of sale or by analyzing the Internet sites that sell this item, you will realize the differences between one model and another and will make the choice based on the proposed quality and personal need. If the tractor should show a malfunction, it must be reported at the point of sale where it was purchased, listing the defects it presents.

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If you want to keep your garden spot on but at the same time don't want to make any effort, there is no better purchase you can make than a ride on mower. This product features four wheels, a common steering wheel, gears and a bag used to collect the grass. Obviously, its use is suitable for experts and adults, even if to tell the truth the models currently on the market are increasingly reliable and easy to use, paying attention to every detail without neglecting the design, which is more and more beautiful and captivating.

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