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Obviously, lavender flowers have a particularly intense scent and, for this reason, they are used above all to ensure a better fragrance of your home.

There are not only small bags in which dried lavender flowers have been inserted, but there are also many other products that can be easily found on the market and are more original solutions for home decoration and fragrance.

We are essentially referring to those cushions that are filled with dried lavender flowers: through this solution, we will be able to spread the excellent and intense scent of the flowers throughout the home.

We remind you that you can also use small bags of lavender flowers for the scent of linen (they also last several years), as well as to give a better scent to all closed environments, such as wardrobes.

Lavender essence

The lavender scent is characterized by being, in most cases, quite elegant and very simple.

Su is an essence that is able to perform a large number of beneficial functions and activities, including balancing, calming and invigorating.

It is able to act rather usefully even as a good antidepressant and is able to guarantee the carrying out of a stimulating action to strengthen the immune defenses of the human body.

Furthermore, the essence of lavender is able to guarantee a certain sense of relaxation and relaxation: for this reason, it represents a perfect solution to combat stress, as well as nervous states.

Furthermore, the essence of lavender is characterized by carrying out a typical bactericidal activity and which fights inflammatory states.

We are talking about a lavender-based product that can represent a fundamental help to those who have to endure daily stress or to those who are remarkably nervous; in the same way, the essence of lavender also has a good disinfectant action for the respiratory system, as well as reducing the swelling resulting from insect bites and soothing all those burns that have hit the skin.

Finally, the essence of lavender proves quite useful for fighting ailments such as headaches, mycosis and insomnia.

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The scent of lavender can be used for a large number of ailments and on notable occasions. First of all it is essential to underline how the lavender-based perfume can represent a danger, in terms of irritation, for the skin: this explains the reason why it is always advisable to do some tests before proceeding to actual use , in order to understand if it can lead to states of irritation or not.

A first method of use corresponds to evaporation: in this case, it is necessary to pour several drops of lavender perfume on your pillow or even on a simple cloth handkerchief and the effect will be that of scenting the entire environment as well as performing a typical disinfectant action.

When it is used to perform massages, the dosage of the lavender perfume must be between six and eight drops (which must be poured into 100 ml of base oil, such as almond oil).

In case you want to use the lavender scent to take a nice relaxing bath, which allows you to enjoy a minimum of relaxation, perhaps before going to sleep, you need to pour a number of drops between four and six inside. of the tub filled with warm water.

Instead, when the lavender perfume is used for topical use, then it will be necessary to pour a number of drops equal to three or four on a cotton ball (which must first be slightly wet with a little water).

In the latter case, the lavender scent is intended to perform a soothing action against all insect bites, but also to fight sunburn, especially in summer.

Finally, you can also make excellent inhalations, pouring 4-8 drops into a pot filled with boiling water and vacuuming using a towel: in this case it is an effective remedy for migraines.

Lavender products: Prices

It is important to underline how the remedies for the scent of linen or some areas of your home (such as the closets) can be completed even without buying lavender flowers in a herbalist's shop or at the supermarket, but by collecting them directly in the spontaneous state, providing to personally carry out the drying operation.

Excellent do-it-yourself solutions with lavender flowers are also extremely useful for fighting mild migraines.

In case you do not have enough time to carry out this operation, lavender flowers can be easily found at all herbalists (already inserted inside the typical bags that are used to perfume domestic environments), but also inside pharmacies and, increasingly, supermarkets.

The price of lavender flowers is very low and is affordable for everyone.

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