Distance between seedlings

Question: distance between seedlings

I would like to know more or less what is the distance to keep in planting any vegetable (tomato, eggplant, etc.)

Answer: distance between the seedlings

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Let's start the answer by saying that there is no standard distance at which to place the garden plants. There are numerous factors that determine this distance and they are all determined by the type of plant we want to sow: depending on the species we will have a specific root system and a very precise aerial system and consequently we will choose the inter distance based on the size of these two elements. and intrafila.

For example, for a plant like courgette, which needs a large space for a good plant to develop, the distance between the plants must be at least 1.5 meters. Instead, the same goes for tomato plants that grow in height and consequently only 30 centimeters of space between the seedlings are sufficient to ensure an optimal growth surface. Finally, for aubergines, the optimal cultivation distance can be 50 cm between the plants and 70 cm between the rows. As you can guess, the distance between the plants is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and must also be adapted according to the availability of space we have. In general, a good criterion can be to choose the space based on the dimensions of the aerial apparatus of the plant, in such a way as to always ensure sufficient surface and light for the plants.

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